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Play BlackJack Online with Free Bonuses – the Classic Table Game

There is no doubt about the fact that BlackJack has not only been a popular gameplay in casinos for decades but also that it has been one of the most entertaining gamed of all time. The payouts are quite attractive and the rules of the game are simple. The game is also known as twenty-one.

Generally, the 52 card pack is used and 7 decks of cards required. Although the six decks version is as popular.

Before the deal begins, each player has to place a bet in chips. The dealer of the game who remains to stand, while all other players are seated, shuffles through the portions of the cards well and in a clockwise pattern distributes two cards to each player including himself. He distributes one card in the first place to each player and himself, faces up. Another round involves distributing the cards to each player face up while he himself takes his second card, face down. Play Blackjack with top bonuses at Top Slot Site!

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The values of the cards are then assigned. The value of an ace is either 1 or 11. The face cards have 10 as their values while the values of all other cards are decided by the number of pips that they have. The object of the game for each player is to beat the dealer in the gameplay by getting a count as close as possible to 21 but not to cross the count as it would result in the player losing his bet.

In case the player has a ‘BlackJack’ or a ‘natural’ giving himself a count of 21 altogether on the cards, the player beats the dealer in the game and the dealer is obliged to pay him 1.5x his bet In case the dealer has a ‘BlackJack’ he collects the bets of every player who does not have a BlackJack, just the bet and nothing extra.

In case the dealer has a natural or BlackJack and so does a player, the game becomes a stand-off and therefore the player with a BlackJack can take back his chips. There is nothing as exciting as playing BlackJack at a Mobile Casino Free Bonus sites. Check out other online slots games sites here!

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