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If you want to get some experience under your belt before trying your luck in an actual casino, one of the best ways to do so would be to use an app on your mobile phone. There are plenty of such apps that allow you to play a variety of games on online casinos. These games were first found sometime in the year 2008, and have soon garnered a large amount of popularity among Smartphone users today.

While most games use virtual cash where you can win coins and other forms of virtual cash, there are others that allow you to play with real money. Such games allow you to experience casinos up close so that you are able to deal with them better when you actually visit one. Play at today and get awesome bonuses!

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System Requirements for Playing Live Blackjack App Games Online

In order to play this game online using the live blackjack app, you can use any mobile device that runs on iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. You must, however, use a device with a large screen size in order to be able to view the proceedings of the game properly.

Since the games are played live and the proceedings are streamed on a real-time basis, a small screen size will make it difficult for you to view or play the game comfortably. Tablet devices are the best for playing these games, although you can also use modern mobile Smartphone devices that have screen sizes of 5 inches or more.

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You also need a high-speed internet connection as large quantities of data are streamed during the game. Your mobile device will be receiving and sending data in large quantities, which would be interrupted if the broadband connection is slow.

You could experience small or massive software lags due to a slow internet connection. Moreover, some online casinos even claim that you can play the game even with a 3G internet connection. However, this connection has often been seen to cause massive software freezing. Hence, a 4G connection or high-speed Wi-Fi connection is always preferred to ensure smooth functioning.

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Playing a blackjack game online using a live blackjack app on your mobile device does not necessarily mean that you have to play with a low stake. Although there are some online casinos that do cap off their betting limits at some point, most online casinos do not have such limits.

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This means that you can place bets on your online blackjack game quite similar to the ones that you would place while you are in an actual casino. However, you may not be allowed to wager large bets of tens of thousands of dollars a hand if you are playing a game online. Other than that you are quite free to place bets without having to play for low stakes.

Live dealer games over the internet have gained significant improvement and prominence over the past half decade. There is still a long distance to cover, but these online casinos have done plenty to bring the real brick and mortar casino experience right on your fingertips. Today, you can literally pick up your mobile device and have oodles of fun gambling and winning large amounts of cash. Start today at and get €200 in deposit bonuses!

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